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We know that November is only one month...and life with T1 faces challenges all year long.  Here we have compiled some of our favorite resources.  Click on the images to learn more.


Whether it is help in creating a 504 plan or how to explain your child's diagnosis to the school or students, these resources can help.


Does your state have a mandate for diabetes insurance coverage?  Are teachers in your state allowed to administer glucagon?  Not all D care is created equal.


A list of some of our favorite Diabetes resource books.

Links to additional resources including Spanish language resources.


Los enlaces a recursos adicionales, incluyendo recursos en español .



One of the best things you can do for your child with T1 is D Camp.  There are camps all across the US.  


What are you looking for in a diabetes blog?  Perspective of a D mom or D dad?  Person living with D?  Parents of D teens? Or toddlers?  We can point you in the right direction.

tv & movies

Links to movies and TV shows that help educate about diabetes.

holidays & special events

The place to find carb counts for your favorite holiday foods!

diabetes On-line Communities



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