#RockItLikeRichard on November 18th

Richard Vaughn

Richard Vaughn

Richard Vaughn and his wife

Richard Vaughn and his wife

Richard Vaughn as a child

Richard Vaughn as a child

Richard Vaughn

Richard Vaughn

Beating the Odds Richard Vaughn

Beating the Odds Richard Vaughn


Richard Vaughn, an “everyday diabetes hero” who has not only lived with diabetes for 69 Years, but who has done so with gusto.


YOU! We want you to show us, via photos, words or a combo, how you or your loved one knows how to #RockItLikeRichard


Whatever it is you do well with diabetes on board. Running, cycling, dancing, smiling, finding world peace, eating ice cream …. The things that show how you #RockItLikeRichard are what we want to see.


Share on PNB’s facebook page, instagram and twitter, always using the hashtags #RockItLikeRichard and #projectbluenovember or email us at projectbluenovember@gmail.com


PRIZES (and glory!!): We will randomly choose one poster to be named our very first #RockItLikeRichard PBN EveryDay Diabetes Hero. You will immediately be whisked off on a world speaking tour …. Just kidding. You will get all kinds of glory AND a very special signed copy of Richard’s wonderful book “Beating the Odds: 64 Years of Diabetes Health.”

The fun, sharing and winning starts on November 18th So be ready to show us – and the world – how you #RockItlikeRichard


TAP:  Teen Advisory Panel


Post questions on our Facebook page and we will submit them to our Type 1 Teen Advisory Panel.  Answers will be posted on the PBN Type 1 Teens Blog  @ https://pbntype1teens.wordpress.com/



Type 1 diabetes advocacy and awareness 
Type 1 diabetes advocacy and awareness 
Type 1 diabetes advocacy and awareness 

Hands of Hope


Write Hope on your hands and share it on Instragram and Facebook on November 14.



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Richard Vaughn as a child