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#DBlogWeek Day 5 Tips and Tricks

Let's round out the week by sharing our best diabetes tips and diabetes tricks. From how you organize supplies to how you manage gear on the go/vacation (beach, or skiing, or whatever). From how you keep track of prescription numbers to how you remember to get your orders refilled. How about any “unconventional” diabetes practices, or ways to make diabetes work for YOU (not necessarily how the doctors say to do it!). There's always something we can learn from each other.

Thanks to our faithful PBN followers for these tips, tricks, and advice:

  • Keep juice boxes on every level of the house...especially on the bedside table!

  • Put a white board on the bedroom door if more than one parent is doing d care--then write bgs and times and any action taken. The only thing worse than getting up in the night is getting up and repeating a bg test that was done 1/2 hour ago...

  • A mini fridge in the bedroom for juice/snacks/insulin!

  • Repeat "it will all be okay"--until it is.

  • Breathe. It's not the end of the world.

  • Things will level off and you'll find a routine that works for your family.

  • It is overwhelming and scary at first but it does GET BETTER with time...

  • Also, there's not a one size fits all approach - so don't feel guilty/bad if things that work for others don't work for you.

  • Numbers aren't good or bad they just are data inputs for you to make decisions with.

  • Trust your endo team and don't google!

  • Find a T1 family nearby that you admire. Learn from them.

  • Do not be embarrassed or afraid to ask for help. I need to remember my own advice sometimes😊 it takes a village

  • Keep an extra meter on the bedside table.

  • Speaking of extra meters, don't be afraid to ask your CDE for backup meters, etc. Our endo actually has a table of freebies such as books, medical ID cards etc.

  • Making a log sheet for sick days to record....EVERYTHING!

  • Use a piece of pvc, a cardboard bottom, and double-sided tape for an awesome refrigerator door insulin holder

  • Probably the thing the JDRF mom said to me in the hospital, "I know you can't believe this right now but if you asked any one of us we'd tell you this isn't a big deal anymore." She was right - I didn't believe her because duh my life had just exploded. She was right because in only 3 months meh, we got this.

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