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blueinaction     a gallery of what you are doing to create awareness

The Little Blue Test
NC proclamation.jpg
SD proclamation.jpg
TN proclamation.jpg
theresa hastings.jpg
Teri Chavez Boscia.jpg
Teri Chavez Boscia 2.jpg
Team Matthew Matters.jpg
Team Izzy in Tucson.jpg
Sherry Poor.jpg
Moira McCarthy.jpg
Patti white acevedo 2.jpg
Patti white acevedo.jpg
River's Warriors.jpg
Ruth Ensley Carrasco.jpg
Sherry Goodall.jpg
Mindy Bartleson.jpg
Michelle Ramos.jpg
Mary Ann Mitchell.jpg
Macey's Believers.jpg
Lisa Marie.jpg
Leslie Fleming.jpg
Laurie Thomas.jpg
Laurie Thomas 2.jpg
Laura Savelkoul.jpg
Kristine Irish.jpg
Kimberly Sue Colegrove.jpg
Kelli Velazquez.jpg
Heather Bailey.jpg
Janice Gaskins.jpg
Jenifer Neumaier.jpg
Jessey Echler.jpg
Kathleen West.jpg
Katie Polizzi.jpg
Hailey Pappin Stubbs.jpg
Gina Stanford.jpg
fran edwards richardson.jpg
Deb Pisciotta.jpg
Deanna Bunch.jpg
Dayna Mastro.jpg
becky wilcox.jpg
Brandon LaFaire.jpg
Carrie Litty.jpg
Courtney Fincher Foster.jpg
Courtney Force.jpg
Courtney Riddoch Hill.jpg
JDRF OneWalk
Humalog Heroes
always Under construction

We need you to email us your photos or post them on our Facebook page in the comments section!  We will add them to our slide show here to inspire others!  Remember YDMV-your diabetes may vary and so can the way you choose to advocate!  

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