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#DBlogWeek Day 2 The Other Side of Diabetes

Diabetes not only takes a physical toll but also an emotional one. We all have days--whether you are a person with diabetes or a caregiver--when we hit a brick wall. When diabetes shows us who's boss. When we are just tired.

So what do we do to get through those times?

Some of us "just keep swimming...just keep swimming."

Some tell themselves "What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger."

Some turn to to their Faith.

Some reach out to help others.

Some remind themselves that "everyone has their thing that they don't like about themselves! Some you can see and some you can not! From a medical condition to just not having the best home life. You never know what another person faces on a day to day basis but we can control this!"

Some use exercise...

Some use donuts...

And sometimes we just need to remember that is all about perspective...

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