D Blog Week #5: More than Diabetes

PWD are so much more than the disease! Every single day those with diabetes pursue their passions and live their dreams.

Here is a sampling from our PBN followers:

Two things have saved me on sick days with diabetes that have become large parts of me and who I am. I thoroughly enjoy writing, and started shortly after I was diagnosed. It gave me a place to experience life without diabetes, in a way(I also picked up video gaming, but to each their own!). Otherwise, in my teen years I started creating jewelry on sick days, because if I wasn't writing, my creative mind had to be busy. I now started selling my pieces as of last year to help cover medical costs, plus, I thoroughly enjoy it! So in a way, diabetes helped me to cultivate these interests! - Jessica P.

I am a mom and wife, and I am also just about to graduate with a Master's in Library and Information Science. I enjoy the art of making books and other papercrafts in my spare time. -Colleen M.

My T1 professional ballet dancer! He was just diagnosed July 2016. - Kerry Rose B.

Robert plays tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, acoustic guitar, is far-reaching himself to play the drums and plays endless games of one on one basketball. NOTHING, not t1d not broken arms (broke left arm in January and right arm in May) can stop him! - Phyllis P.

Bella age 11 diagnosed at age 7...Loves to dance... we as a family will not let this disease define her.. - Jamie M.

My daughter is a dancer! - Emily R.

My ballerina #5MoreThanDiabetes - Nicole S.

My daughter is a singer, songwriter, musician, honor student, leader....she can do anything she sets her mind to do. - Robin C.


I have T1D,

T1D does not have me! - Saydi B.

A pretty ballerina!- Peggy R.

My Addison is 12, diagnosed at 8, last night was her last little league baseball game ever. She also recently made her middle school volleyball and basketball teams. She loves sports of all kinds, diabetes does not slow her down, it is a part of her life, but does not have control of her life. #5morethandiabetes

-Caren B.

My TD1, diagnosed 2/8/16 will be testing for her black belt in August.

-Toriann S.

T1D, still ride my dirt bike - Bate H.

She was dxed at 8 and is now 11. She loves to ride her horse. She is a Jumper and Dressage rider. Nothing stops this girl from doing what she loves.

- Teresa M.

My little lady back to riding 3 weeks after diagnosis. #morethandiabetes

- Tracy G.

This cutie went to her first dance recital tonight. She's a dancing diva.

- Alicia K.

My daughter has been more than diabetes since day 1. Dx may 31st 2011 at age 7. Diabetes never stops her from doing anything or going anywhere. She hikes, bikes, swims, played hockey, loves the outdoors and camping. She's my warrior. ♡ Tanya T.


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